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Baryn Futa’s strong support of the arts

July 20, 2019

Fine art is more than a luxury or a momentary view of a painting; it’s a creative endeavor that is underappreciated, generally, and often underfunded or underpaid. Baryn Futa, an arts purveyor and benefactor, strives to stir more support for this energetic and lively pursuit, from assistance to individual artists to increased attention among worldwide exhibits and museums.

Art appreciation runs deep in society, but it’s often discovered in pockets -- art districts, larger cities and so on. No matter where artistic work occurs, it is deserving of appreciation, says Baryn Futa, who has made it a mission to help alleviate the struggle many artists or artistic spaces frequently face. Whether it’s a lack of funding or a lack of financial resources, Futa recognizes the crippling effect monetary resources can have on creative work. He holds a strong commitment to the goal of changing society on a large scale so artists and their exhibition places can maximize profits and outreach, allowing art to continue prominently in society.